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Ian Gallagher

"I'm sick of living a lie, aren't you?

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Name:Ian Clayton Gallagher
Birthdate:Aug 11
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
OOC NOTE REGARDING MUSE CANON POINT: This Ian muse is canon entirely up to season finale, episode s05e12. From that point on, this muse will jump ahead 8 years from canon (along with Mickey muse, [personal profile] andifuckingloveit), save for pieces written for prompts @ [community profile] muserevival that will explore my interpretation of Ian through some current canon events). All RP will be Ian 8 years post Mickey's arrest and imprisonment in the Season 5 finale episode due to the fact Mickey's writer and I want to explore their ship further on than the current canon point where Mickey and Gallavich have been signed off.

WARNING: Ian's canon - Shameless - is basically offensive on many levels, to many people/groups, so if you are easily triggered or offended, best to steer clear of his posts.

I A N · G A L L A G H E R

"Congratulations Ian. You are not Frank Gallagher's son."

IAN: I'm sick of living a lie, aren't you?
MICKEY: I'm not lying to you.

IAN GALLAGHER was born in 1996, the product of a PCP-fueled affair between his mother Monica and an as-yet unspecified brother of Gallagher family patriarch, Frank, in the summer of 1995. Monica conceals knowledge of this affair from the Gallagher family, leaving them to believe that Ian is Frank's son. The truth is uncovered when Ian undergoes DNA testing in hopes of proving that Frank is not his biological father. Ian feels that Frank hates and resents him, feelings that Ian's sister, Fiona, attributes to Ian's looking most like Monica of all of the children. Ian is highly orderly and disciplined, traits that are attributed to his membership in his school's Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps. His JROTC training has also afforded Ian proficiency in small arms and he is an excellent marksman.


Ian is gay and closeted. When his older brother Lip discovers a cache of gay pornography in the room they share, he first confronts Ian with it and then sets Ian up to receive oral sex from Karen Jackson, a neighbor whom Lip tutors. When Karen confirms that Ian was unaroused by her ministrations, Lip comes to accept his brother and becomes Ian's trusted confidante. When the series opens, Ian is involved in a sexual relationship with Kash, owner of the Kash and Grab, the neighborhood convenience store where Ian works. Kash, a Muslim, is married to Linda, a white woman who converted to marry him, and has two children with her. Usually Ian and Kash have sex in the storeroom, but one weekend when Linda and the children are out of town Kash brings Ian to their home. Upon seeing the reality of Kash's life with his family, Ian balks at having sex there.

Ian's schoolmate, Mandy Milkovich, expresses a sexual interest in him. When he does not reciprocate, she tells her brothers that Ian imposed himself on her sexually. After evading them, he comes out to Mandy, who not only calls off her brothers but suggests that she be his sham girlfriend to deflect any questions about his sexuality. Ian continues his affair with Kash but Linda, who has installed security cameras in response to rampant shoplifting at the store, catches them in the act on tape. Surprisingly, she does not mind if the affair continues but demands that Kash impregnate her before he has sex with Ian again. Meanwhile, Mickey Milkovich, one of Mandy's brothers and an aggressive shoplifter who has been terrorizing Kash, steals the gun kept in the store for protection. Ian confronts Mickey at his home, determined to retrieve it. In the ensuing altercation the pair realize their attraction and have sex. They maintain the sexual relationship although Mickey denies any emotional attraction to Ian; Ian cools off his relationship with Kash. Eventually Kash catches the two having sex in the store and, in response, shoots Mickey in the leg and has him arrested following Mickey's brazen theft of a candy bar.

Following the news of Ian's parentage, Lip encourages him to find his biological father. Upon visiting "Grammy", Frank's mother, who is incarcerated on charges relating to two deaths in a meth lab explosion, Ian and Lip learn that Frank has three brothers, Clayton, Jerry and Wyatt. Wyatt, however, is eliminated from consideration because he lost his testicles while serving in the Navy. Jerry, who turns out to be Frank's twin, refuses to speak to the boys. Clayton closely resembles Ian and the boys assume he is Ian's father. Lip suggests that the affluent Clayton would make a better father than Frank but Ian insists that Frank is his father and Lip and the rest of his siblings are his family, where he belongs. Season 1 closes with Ian's arrest and release after being stopped with Lip in a car stolen by Fiona's boyfriend Steve. He tells Fiona that he's gay and Fiona says she already knows.


Season two opens the following Summer. Ian still works at the Kash and Grab but his physical relationship with Kash is apparently over. It definitely ends when Kash, who can no longer reconcile being gay and being married, leaves. Ian is no longer interested in the Marines, setting the goal of obtaining admission to West Point. He does not have good enough grades so Lip offers tutoring. Although willing to help him, Lip is opposed to Ian's joining the military to "fight for a country that thinks you're one of God's mistakes"; A colonel whom Lip knows through a contact at a local university leaves a West Point application with Ian, who is chagrinned to learn the officer thinks Lip is the interested party. This leads to a physical confrontation between the brothers, and they refuse to communicate with each other until Grammy, recently released from prison for medical reasons, convinces them to have another fight. After a short battle Ian confesses that he feels like he is trapped in Lip's shadow. He and Lip reconcile.

Mickey is released from juvenile detention and he and Ian resume their relationship. Mickey starts working security at the Kash and Grab. Frank catches the boys having sex in the cooler and Mickey, fearing that his father will kill him should Frank tell what he saw, resolves to kill Frank. After stalking him for several days, Mickey changes his mind and assaults a police officer instead, violating his parole and returning him to juvenile detention.

Monica Gallagher returns home following the death of Frank's mother, Grammy. While home she tells Ian that Frank told her about seeing him with Mickey and that he should be proud of who and what he is. She takes him to his first gay bar. The next day Ian, depressed over a poor math test score, allows Monica to take him to a local enlistment center to join the Army. He is refused because he has not graduated high school. The following morning Ian is attacked in his kitchen by Terry Milkovich, father of Ian's sham girlfriend Mandy, because he believes Ian has gotten her pregnant. Ian spends the next few days avoiding Terry but it becomes increasingly more difficult. Lip suggests they plant Grammy's old gun in the Milkovich home; this will violate Terry's parole and, if the gun is tied to a murder, could get him incarcerated for life. They break in and discover Terry already has several guns; they plant theirs anyway. Terry catches them. Lip escapes but Terry corners Ian and is about to shoot him when Mandy, brandishing a rifle, orders him to stop. Terry already knows that he himself is the father. Mandy later explains that when Terry drinks he sometimes mistakes her for her deceased mother but insists "it's no big deal". Ian helps raise funds for an abortion.

The night before Thanksgiving Ian returns to the gay bar. He is picked up by an older gentleman who calls himself Ned; they spend the night together. A few days later at Fiona's insistence her erstwhile boyfriend Jimmy arranges a dinner for the Gallaghers and his family. Ian is shocked to learn that "Ned" is really Lloyd, Jimmy's father, who sends repeated text messages to Ian suggesting they get together again. Ian tries to tell Fiona several times but is interrupted when Frank shoves him against the wall out of anger for Monica leaving. Ian is saved when Jimmy's wife Estafania hits him over the head with a frying pan.


The third season takes place several months after the incident with Frank. Ian is still trying to improve his chances of getting into West Point, while helping with the financial stability of the family. He also now has regular contact with Lloyd, which has turned into somewhat of a friends-with-benefits relationship. When Mickey returns in the episode "The American Dream", Ian feels confused over whether Mickey actually likes him or not. Especially after he has sex with a girl from their neighborhood. Though he later realizes that Mickey must care about him when he follows him and Lloyd to a gay bar. Lloyd later asks Ian if he could break into his house to steal back his things since his soon-to-be ex-wife changed to locks. He enlists Mickey and a couple of his friends to do it, but when Mickey asks Ian why he likes Lloyd, he says it's because he isn't afraid to kiss him. Right before Mickey goes into Lloyd's house for the heist, he kisses Ian for the first time.

When Ian and the rest of the Gallagher children are taken away by child protective services, Mickey lets him stay at his house since his father Terry was away on an extended hunting trip. Terry ends up coming home early and catches Mickey and Ian having sex. He beats both of them, and forces Ian to watch Mickey have sex with a prostitute. Afterwards, Mickey goes to great lengths to avoid Ian. Eventually Mickey marries the prostitute but he and Ian have sex on Mickey's wedding day. The season closes with Ian using brother Lip's identification to join the military.


Ian is still missing in the first four episodes of season four. While Lip is at college, two servicemen visit him and show him a picture of Ian. They ask if he knows who he is, and how he got hold of his name and social security number. Lip says he's never seen Ian before in his life. Lip and Debbie try to find clues of where he might be. Lip visits the Milkovich house first to ask Mickey if he knows anything about Ian. Mickey says he doesn't know anything. Debbie visits the Milkovich house to ask Mandy if she knows anything about where Ian might be. Mandy tells her about Jimmy's dad, an "old" boyfriend of Ian's. Lip knows what she means and they visit his house. Lloyd says Ian crashed at his place for a while, but not anymore. He tells them that Ian is with his mother Monica.
Lip tells Debbie not to come with him as he will search for Monica. Debbie says that she's not a little kid anymore and helps him search. They find Ian's army bag in an old building, together with a naked woman who tells them that Ian is at work. They eventually find him working at a gay club called The White Swallow, wearing eyeliner and a glittery tank top and acts very weird. Lip and Debbie just think he is really drunk and/or high. [ source: ian @ wiki ]

Mickey, after having been informed by Mandy about Ian's current situation, attempts to get Ian to return home. He eventually finds Ian, who is currently giving an older man a lap dance, who puts an unspecified bill into Ian's mouth. Ian is going by the name Curtis to his clients. After breaking up the lap dance, Mickey is told by Ian that he will only stay if he pays for a lap dance. Mickey obliges. While Ian is performing the lap dance, Mickey tells him that his family misses him. Ian is unresponsive and argues with an aggravated Mickey. A security guard breaks up the fight. Later, Ian leaves the club with an older man. While waiting for the cab, Ian asks him if he has any "party favors" as the man attempts to put his hand down Ian's pants. Mickey, who had been waiting, intervenes and assaults the man. Ian, meanwhile, collapsed on the floor and Mickey carries him into the waiting cab, taking him home.

Ian awakens to find Svetlana staring at him. She informs him that he has been asleep all day. Ian nonchalantly gets up to shower. Svetlana walks in on him, with a hammer, and threatens to "smash his orange head" if he continues to stay at her and Mickey's home. Ian returns home to a surprised Fiona. While relaying information of where he has been to her, Fiona picks up on his slightly erratic behavior, such as laughing too loudly. She is concerned over his disinterest in returning back to school. Svetlana tells Mickey that she has kicked Ian out and Mickey comes to the Gallagher home to talk to Ian. After Fiona casually mentions that Ian is upstairs, Debbie, Carl, and Lip follow Mickey. Ian is ambiguous over what he has been up to, attributing joining the military to "relationship issues." Lip knowingly turns towards Mickey, before leaving with Debbie and Carl, giving the two time to be talk.

Once alone, Mickey wants to know if Ian is here to stay, to which Ian asks if Mickey will suck his dick whenever he wants. Ian has a journal where he begins to jot down "ideas" while waiting for a response from Mickey. Mickey obliges and gives Ian a blow job right then and there. The next morning, Ian entertains his siblings with stories of basic training in the army. As everyone leaves for school, Ian stays and continues eating breakfast. Mickey walks in and sits. Fiona asks Ian for cash and he gives Fiona a few crumbled bills. Ian invites Mickey to come see him perform at the club that night. At the club, Ian tells Mickey that they have been invited to a party being hosted by one of his clients. When Mickey complains about not wanitng to go, Ian attempts to kiss him. It is not until Mickey looks around and realizes that they will not be judged, that he and Ian kiss passionately in the middle of the club, solidifying their relationship. Mickey is out of his element at the party, starting with not shaking hands with Ian's friend to having an awkward conversation with one of the other guests who asks Mickey what he does for a living. Ian and Mickey fall asleep at the party. The next day, Mickey is asked if the two are together, to which he says yes. The questioner says that Mickey is a "lucky dude."

Ian's erratic behavior increases while Mickey's problems with his wife also intensify. Desperate for money to keep Svetlana's mouth shut, Ian and Mickey carry out a scam on a older, married man who Ian pretends to seduce for money. Ian's manic episode continues as he makes breakfast for his family without hardly any sleep. Ian helps in the search for Fiona while Mickey has an encounter with Kevin. Ian tries to convince Mickey not to harm Kevin as they walk into his house. They see Mandy having lunch with her abusive boyfriend. Ian attempts to convince Mandy to come back to the Gallagher house with him. Kenyetta approaches, and Ian grabs a knife which he holds to Kenyetta's throat. Mickey calms Ian down, and they leave. Mickey finally asks Ian out right what has been happening to him and if he is abusing drugs. Ian looks just as confused by his behavior. They later attend Frank's wedding as Ian's behavior seems to have distracted Mickey from his plans of revenge.

Ian and Mickey's relationship takes center stage. After Carl begins to notice the relationship between Mickey and Ian, Ian asks Mickey for confirmation of their relationship status. Mickey simply replies, "of course" they are together. Ian crashes the christening of Mickey's son, telling Mickey he will not be a mistress anymore. Mickey replies by publicly announcing that he is gay. Mickey and Ian are an established couple for the first time, but Ian has come crashing down from his manic episode.

Mickey cannot get him out of bed, and asks the Gallaghers for their help. Debbie and Carl immediately recognize the symptoms Ian is exhibiting. Fiona later comes to the Milkovich house to see Ian. The family comes to the conclusion that Ian is having serious mental health issues, and is most likely bipolar like his mother. The season ends with Mickey refusing to let Ian have any psychiatric help and insists he will take care of him himself. [ source: shameless @ wiki ]

Ian is from TV Series, Shameless (US Version).
Mun is an Ian/Mickey shipper.

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